ANPR linked barriers


Safeguarding your car parks

Car Parking Partnership’s ANPR linked barrier solution ensures our clients' car parks are fully controlled to ensure a positive parking experience for their visitors.

ANPR linked barrier solutions

Our ANPR linked barrier solution enables clients to have full control over the use of their car parks. CPP’s ANPR linked barrier technology provides a reliable car park management solution for both paid parking and permit controlled car parks.

CPP captures the number plates of all vehicles entering/exiting a car park. The barrier will control access to the car park whilst the latest ANPR technology will capture the registration number plates of vehicles entering and exiting the car parks.

Key benefits:

  • Dramatically reduce car park abuse
  • 24/7 operational capacity
  • Fully configurable solution, bespoke to your specific requirements
  • Provides comprehensive data analytics
  • Integrates with CPP's other solutions

People parking

ANPR barrier solutions can be configured to the specific requirements of your car park and integrate with our other solutions, including our PermitMe parking permit software and parking payment machines. To find out more about our other solutions, click here.

Did you know? CPP’s ANPR linked barrier solutions use fully automated technology.

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