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CPP’s permit solutions are designed with flexibility in mind. Our permit solutions offer an innovative and proactive approach to parking permit management. Click the buttons below to jump to our permit solutions.

PermitMe Parking Permits

PermitMe Contract Parking

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PermitMe Parking Permits

PermitMe offers a unique approach to parking permit processing. Using the latest in permit innovation, PermitMe’s modular design and wide-ranging functionality is completely tailorable to specific business needs. The easy to use online permit application forms and communications tool ensure your staff, students, residents and visitors have a positive parking experience from the outset.

PermitMe is configured to conduct a fair process of reviewing, allocating and renewing parking permits based on specific criteria. Needs-based allocations, automated waiting lists and an appeals service ensure a smooth application process and efficient ongoing permit management. Our in-house experts will provide continuous parking permit consultancy services, ensuring you maximise the potential of permit management at your sites.

Permit solutions

Key features of PermitMe:

  • Easy to use online permit application forms
  • Needs-based allocation criteria
  • Online payments
  • Bulk permit allocations to save time and resource
  • Communication tool
  • Fully configurable data reports
  • Appeals service
  • Manager verification
  • Google API live public transport evaluation
  • Waiting list


PermitMe is available in a range of different support packages, designed to fit your individual requirements. Our in-house development experts specialise in catering for a wide-range of industry specific needs, providing effective permit solutions to NHS trusts, housing associations, universities and other public and private sector organisations.




Benefits of PermitMe:

  • Manage multiple permit types across various zones or car parks
  • Effectively manage over-subscribed parking
  • Fully integrated with CPP’s other solutions, including our ANPR and PARKS App systems
  • Dedicated account manager and in-house IT helpdesk support
  • Increase your revenue through contract parking

PermitMe Contract Parking

What is it?

PermitMe Contract Parking is an easy to use online platform that enables clients to lease surplus car parking capacity to third party motorists, on a contract basis. Contract Parking can be added to the full PermitMe system as a bolt-on or is available as a standalone module. Contract Parking offers clients a flexible approach to revenue generation through maximising the potential of their parking assets.

PermitMe Contract Parking is tailored to each car park and can be used collaboratively with a variety of other CPP solutions, including manual ticketing, self-ticketing and ANPR.

How does it work?

CPP will provide advertising packages designed to generate interest in your available parking spaces. Engaging PermitMe branded signage and collateral will guide motorists to the website to apply for contract parking at your car parks.


Motorists are then prompted to type in the unique reference number, select the contract parking term they require and pay online. They will then receive a virtual or paper permit ready to start parking in your car park.

With a fully configurable reporting functionality, PermitMe provides a valuable insight into car park data analytics. Together with the support from expert in-house teams, we can offer car park consultancy to complement PermitMe’s comprehensive functionality and ensure that you are able to fully realise your car park’s potential.


Benefits of PermitMe Contract Parking:

  • Increased revenue
  • Comprehensive car park capacity analysis to identify car park potential
  • Flexible contract permit terms
  • Fully configurable reporting
  • Blends with CPP’s other solutions, including ANPR and manned attendant services



To find out more about PermitMe Contract Parking, contact us today.

Visitor scratch cards

Visitor scratch cards are an effective short-term, temporary parking permit solution. Each scratch card is valid for a period of up to 24 hours and can be bespoke to your own company branding.

Visitor scratch cards complement our other solutions and are often used collaboratively with our manned attendant services.

Did you know? PermitMe is fully integrated with our ANPR systems.

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