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good2go flexible staff permit payments

The good2go system allows non-payroll ESNEFT staff to park onsite at Colchester General Hospital with ease. The flexible payment mechanism is designed to give staff the ability to only pay for the parking they use, on either an account top-up or pay-as-you-go basis.


To apply for your good2go account, please click the link below:

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Important information

Parking onsite at Colchester General Hospital

  1. Whilst you have an authorised PermitMe permit, your good2go account will enable you to park within any of the permitted staff car parks at Colchester General Hospital. Depending on your salary band, you will either be charged £1/day (Bands 1-8B) or £2/day (Bands 8C and above)
  2. good2go permit holders can either choose to 'pay as you park' or 'account top-up basis'. The 'pay as you park' option will attract an additional cost of up to 5p per day for using the good2go system. By choosing the pay as you park method, the card linked to your good2go account will be debited the amount relating to the amount of parking you use. Alternatively, permit holders may choose to top-up their good2go account with a nominal value, for example £50, and this would only attract a 5p charge per account top-up. By choosing the account top-up method, the balance deposited into your good2go account will be used to pay for the amount of parking you use
  3. good2go users can opt for SMS reminders as an additional extra. SMS notification fees apply.

Vehicle changes

  1. If you need to update your vehicle registration details on your good2go account for the vehicle you will be using to park onsite at Colchester General Hospital, please do so by emailing [email protected]
  2. If you sell your vehicle to someone else, please email [email protected] and we will remove your old vehicle registration from your account.