Retail and other businesses

Car park

Getting the most out of your car parks

The flexibility of our solutions allows for a variety of requirements to be addressed. Our solutions for retail and other businesses incorporate effective car park management with innovative revenue generation.

CPP’s flexible approach to car park management means our solutions are suitable for a wide range of businesses and retail outlets. We understand how important it is for your parking spaces to be available to your staff and customers when they need them, so our solutions are designed to ensure your car parks are effectively managed.

Our broad offering enables our clients to:

  • Ensure parking is reserved for their customers and staff
  • Tackle motorists who choose to overstay the max stay period
  • Introduce revenue generating car park solutions, including Pay & Display and PermitMe


Whether it’s our parking payment solutions, manned enforcement or permit management, our in-house parking experts will work with you to find the best possible fit for your business.

Did you know? CPP’s broad range of solutions offer clients opportunities for revenue generation.

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